Hecuba is a collaboration between multidisciplinary artists Jon Beasley and Isabelle Albuquerque. They make music, film, art and performances with an emphasis on the relationship between experimentation and classical form. They are based in Los Angeles and have toured internationally with notable performances at The Hammer Museum, Uebel & Gefahrlich and the San Francisco Museum of Art.
(photos by Lauren Dukoff and Eliot Lee Hazel)

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  • Hecuba
    1. Dancing
    2. Faith
    3. Modern
    4. Hurt You
    5. Devotion
    6. Together / Apart
    7. Turn Out The Lights I
    8. Turn Out The Lights II
    9. Crime, Violence
    • Artist: Hecuba
    • Title: Modern
    • Type: Album
    • Format: 12" LP + Digital, CD, Digital
    • Release Date: 5.08.12
    • Catalog #: GERM002
  • ESP
    1. 627
    2. 627 (Hecuba Remix)
    3. 627 (Dreamers Remix)
    4. 627 (Lucky Dragons Remix)
    • Artist: ESP (with Hecuba, Dreamers & Lucky Dragons)
    • Title: 627
    • Type: Single
    • Format: Digital
    • Release Date: 04.27.12
    • Catalog #: GERM003
  • Hecuba
    1. Suffering (Album Version)
    2. Suffering (Bop Sax Version)
    • Artist: Hecuba
    • Title: Suffering
    • Type: Single
    • Format: Digital
    • Release Date: 2010
    • Catalog #: GERM006
  • Hecuba
    1. Paradise
    2. Even So
    3. Miles Away
    4. La Musica
    5. Extra Connection
    6. Tom & Jerry
    7. Everything
    8. Suffering
    9. The Magic
    10. Humanize
    • Artist: Hecuba
    • Title: Paradise
    • Type: Album
    • Format: 12" LP + Digital, CD, Digital
    • Release Date: 2009
    • Catalog #: GERM004/MANI-014
  • Hecuba "Modern"
  • Hecuba "Tom & Jerry Live On Estonian TV"
  • Hecuba "Suffering"
  • Hecuba "The Magic"

  • "No matter what they attempt, they seem to execute it beautifully. The best part is that it's unclassifiable. It's nothing you've heard before. It's Hecuba."URB
  • "Relentless experimentalists"DAZED & CONFUSED
  • "Glorious, sci-fi inspired Greek tragedy"DAZED & CONFUSED
  • "Showing the world what the future sounds like"SOMA MAGAZINE
  • "An inventive, darkly addictive album. All these songs twist and turn and fuck with your head, especially when they turn into pop tunes... building atmospheres pregnant with dread and desire."NME
  • "That first refrain found me singing along to a song I'd never heard before, a diabolical catchiness I didn't question until I realized what I was singing: "I got beat up but I'm laughing now/I got beat up but I'm laughing now" to the most deviant meter this side of the prime meridian. Hecuba is like Sparks meets Depeche Mode no wait 50s R&B no wait, fuck it, Hecuba is like nothing else. After recently shaving their eyebrows and cropping their locks, Isabelle and Jon became visual synonyms, elevating androgyny from charade to brilliance... Like their mythological namesake, Hecuba begets heroes. Listen to their songs, and you'll know what I mean."LA RECORD