Jonatan Bengta (best know for his stage name The mOOnbird) was born in Haderslev, Denmark - a small sleepy valley with more than 20% crippled people and a brewery called Fuglsang (Bird Song).

Bengta's mind and music is shaped by Scandinavia's dark, stormy and icy winters, but his favorite hangouts are wet jungles and primary rainforests. This is also where a lot of his field recordings are captured. Bengta's fascination with green jungles and old calypso crooners is outspoken on both his debut EP, Tropical Distractions (2010) and his first full length, This Is Viking (2013).

Bengta is related to the famous Danish fairy tale author, H.C. Andersen. They share many hobbies such as traveling, fantasizing and entertaining kids with dark tales. Bengta is not as gay as Andersen though and only Bengta knows how to paralyze a polar bear with his voice.

He currently lives and works in Copenhagen and Los Angeles.

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  • The mOOnbird
    This is Viking
    1. Young Fire
    2. Moonless Town
    3. Olaf
    4. Sex Stare
    5. Share This Blood, it's a Love Gondole
    6. Brave Computer
    7. First Time
    8. Tropical Sun
    9. Hip Hop Sleeper
    10. A Wild Bird in its Natural Surroundings feat. Megan Gold
    11. Edendale feat. Gonjasufi
    12. Footsteps
    • The mOOnbird
    • Title: This is Viking
    • Type: Album (artwork by Asger Carlsen)
    • Format: LP + Digital
    • Release Date: Spring 03
    • Catalog #: GERM007
  • "He's a great kisser"MEA HANSEN
  • The mOOnbird "Sick Of Falling"